Little Leviathan
Artwork for "Fireflies" by Little Leviathan

Fireflies by Little Leviathan


Running through the meadow we arrive at that kingdom of ours
Tucked away in secrecy and we've sworn to keep it that way

Running through the meadow you've fallen and scraped your knee on the stump
That used to be the tree that we'd climb high to reach the sky

Running through the meadow
It greets us as its guests
Until the fireflies fill the air
And we lay down to rest

Aging in the city, our old friends all have gone
The postcards slowly fade and faces follow suit

Aging in the city, what are we to do when we're passed?
Past our prime, the grass was just so green

Aging in the city
It greets us as its guests
Until the headlamps fill the air
And in the ground we rest