Little Leviathan
Artwork for "Hopeless Romantic" by Little Leviathan

Hopeless Romantic by Little Leviathan


You don't know me too well
But I think we're a team
Don't ask me how I can tell
I burst at the seams

'Cause I don't know what to think
And I don't know how to say
I think I fell for you today

I'm your best friend
And you're my worst secret
Bad is how this will end
Out my mouth it will leak

It isn't easy to hide
Can't keep it at bay
I think I fell for you today

From your carnation toes
To your daffodil hair
A garden of eden
Temptations I bear

To you I'm a pal, a listener of sighs
A shoulder to cry on over different guys
I'll attempt to dislike you, I will hope and I'll pray
That I don't fall for you today

Ten years along
And we're still birds of a feather
I wrote you this song
So that we might be together

And I know how it sounds
I know it's cliché
But I think you fell for me today
I think I fell for you today
I think that we're in love