Little Leviathan
Artwork for "The Last Song" by Little Leviathan

The Last Song by Little Leviathan


This'll be the last song that I write
I'm going back tonight
Back to the years when no concerns were holding me down

Mine will be the last tune that you hear
Before your tender ears go quickly deaf
From the deafening pop of traveling time

Maybe if I'm lucky I'll receive
A massive jubilee
Where all my friends gather round to see me

But if I go way too far back in time
I'll be primordial slime and then you know
I will go and evolve into all of Earth's creatures
Like a swan and a squirrel and a pterodactyl

Of course there's always a small chance I'll die
But I'll ask that you don't cry; it's just a phase
It's like a daze that I can return from whenever I like
'Cause I'm not dead; inside my head I'm still alive