Little Leviathan
Artwork for "Planes" by Little Leviathan

Planes by Little Leviathan


There in the sky they met
Faceless and far away
There all alone in the sky
A jungle of steel and concrete

He, wondering why his words
Fell to the ground unheard
She, wondering why she screamed
Without so much as a nod in return

Then, like a dove, flew a page
To her feet unfolded
The words as she read made her smile
She knew them to be true

She answered him with a page
And he sent one more on its way
White notes of love spun madly
Through the air

And when the sun sank
They didn't know what to do
Waiting for the dawn

So it went on each day
There on the roof above all
Gifts of words on paper
Holding captive the hearts in their chests

It went on 'til one day the downdraft
Made all the planes spiral down
She did not return; he waited
Creating a flock of lonely thoughts

Left with his thoughts he began
To slip silently from himself
Dreams of wings and feathers
Formed a plan in his mind

And when he awoke it was dark
And, though awake, still in dream
Waiting for the dawn

Then, as he jumped, she appeared
She grabbed his arm and pulled him back
They then embraced with a kiss
A single piece of paper floated down

The words, as he read, made him cry
He knew them to be true
Yes the words on the page made him cry
They said "Please don't jump dear. I love you."